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Monthly Archives: August 2013

OSHA Compliance

Welcome to Workforce Safety Training

Workforce Safety Training is a premier safety and training company for the future. With current trends of down sizing corporate America, the need for creative safety programs has never been more important. Our company continues to focus on developing training programs that are dynamic, cost effective and flexible to meet the needs of our clients.

Each year, businesses spend over $160 billion dollars on expenses directly related to workplace injuries and illnesses. 

Studies show that workers whose employers invest in high quality safety training, and safety on the job, are more likely to report job satisfaction, a more optimistic outlook, and interact positively with their customers, peers, and superiors.

Easier OSHA Compliance

Regulatory compliance issues are challenging at best and attempting to maneuver OSHA training requirements as well as safety regulations, is a daunting task even for the most well trained manager. Safety Training and OSHA Compliance- that is all we do at Workforce Safety Training. Our focus is quality customer service, at a reasonable price.

All services provided by California State Certified Fire Prevention Officer, Hazardous Materials Specialist, Training Instructor, Fire Officer or NFPS Certified Inspector.

New!  2 Day Seminar- CAL-OSHA Compliance For Supervisors
Cal-OSHA Compliance  2-Day Seminar For Supervisors
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